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Welcome to NST LABS!

NST LABS was started on the concept of providing Fast, Accurate results while maintaining a high level of Personalized Customer Service. We make it a point to know both our customers and the samples they send in. One of our taglines is "WE LABEL OUR SAMPLES BY NUMBER, WE KNOW OUR CUSTOMERS BY NAME." It's something you should expect as a customer.

We began as NATIVE SEED TESTING due to our focus of work on species native to the US. Our focus quickly expanded as we received a large number of Turf grasses and Sorghum. We changed our name to NST LABS keeping our native roots while not limiting our expansion into other crops. We now test everything from flowers and vegetables to corn and soybeans.

Keeping up to date on seed testing issues is important to us. We are members of the South Dakota Seed Trade, Northern Seed Trade, Western Seed Trade, and Texas Seed Trade associations. We also participate in and initiate seed testing research projects and referees.

We welcome you to visit the other sections of our website to learn more about us!

Fax: (605) 729-2001
Phone: (605) 729-2000
340 N. Main Ave.
P.O. Box 100
Bridgewater, SD 57319